Saturday, April 28, 2007

Grains of Sand

Dear Friends,
Some how, I feel eager to write. Eager to put pen to paper (fingers to keys) and a moment ago, I didn't know what to write about. But my minor (although writer's block can sometimes be major) problem was soon solved. This afternoon I went to the beach of Lake Michigan. I played in the sand with my adorable nephew and hansom brother, walked through the icy cold water, and begged my dad to take his shoes off. It was really fun! Digging your toes in the sand is a wonderful experience, once you think about it, and I did it today. I would grab handfuls of the grainy element, studying it closely (does this sound weird? Artists and writers really kind of go overboard with this stuff. Other people make fun of them for doing it). I was amazed at how many grains there were, and how many different colors were actually in the sand. It is mostly made up of these light, crystal colored grains mixed with a variety of other colors. The crystal colored ones seemed to be the dominant color. Black, dark brown, and orange (yes, I said orange) were some of the other colors mixed in. Being out in the open like that was really amazing. I could truly imagine the blue sky really being just a huge dome; and the world seemed amazingly big when I was out there, lying on the sand, staring into the wild blue yonder. The water was rolling in small waves, and I think I saw mountains or trees or something way off in the distance. It reminds me again how so many people think that the world evolved. Do you think that? Yes, you, who are reading this blog right now. Do you think that your hands and feet and the grains of sand on that beach and the birds in the air, and the dog down the street just evolved out of nothing?! Well, if you do think that, than it is wrong. I have studied science. It is a complicated matter. The human body and human health alone is a complicated branch of science. Very complicated. How could all of this have evolved out of nothing? It couldn't have. It's impossible. God created it, the whole world, in 6 days, and he rested on the seventh. I hope these thoughts have been beneficial and interesting to you.
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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