Thursday, April 19, 2007

On books and writing

Hello! Today I want to discuss another quote and the thoughts that spring from it.

If there is a book that you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
~ Toni Morrison*

I must say that I completely agree with him! I have a book that I really want to read, but no one has written it yet, so it is mine for the taking! I am writing a book right now. I am not ready to post to much information about it on the blog yet, but I really enjoy writing (in case you haven't noticed yet). Writing a book is a great experience. You have to make up characters, plot, setting, morals, etc. There is another quote that says something like writers write what other people can't say. I find that if you have an obsession with something (owls, airplanes, kumquats) that it is a good idea to weave it into your story or piece of writing. Writing about what you like puts pep in your writing, and you enjoy it too! You never know when you may get an idea for something, or if your ideas will be sparked and lit by a movie or book. That is actually how I started writing; reading. Ever since I was little a wanted to write (although now my writing is a whole lot better and my stories come more from my own mind than from another mind ) and I now I really do write. One of my characters is actually based on a real person (no details there either) but all the others are pretty much from my imagination. Characters develop and change as I go; One character has a huge part in the book now, another character has a changed appearance and attitude , another has a changed personality, and several have been completely eliminated. I think that plotting is probably the hardest, because even if you have a whole lot of ideas, you aren't sure how to make them connect. Well, that's all for now, but more thoughts soon!
Anna Elizabeth Hedges
* From

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