Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pirates, arg!

Ho, mates!
Just Kidding. I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 last night, and I have been in a Captain Jack mood since. I give it a 10 for being great. That's mostly because I am a pirates freak. Ever since I saw the first one, I have always loved them! And Jack is my favorite character. Definitely. Cool!
I thought, that since I was going to bring Jack Sparrow into this entry, that I might as well take the opportunity to say something about characters. I'll use Pirates of the Caribbean for reference.
What makes a good character? Something I have asked myself, something I have tried to answer, something I have tried to do. Making a great, unusual character is a hard thing. Especially if you have a typical plot, like mine. It just suits the characters, even though it has been used countless times. In Pirates of the Caribbean, we have Jack. We have Babossa. We have Will Turner, Tia Dalma, Davy Jones, Ragetti, Pintel, Mr. Gibbs, Elizabeth, James Norrington....the list goes on and on, and each character is a good one. Jack first. Jack is unusual and so likable because he is funny, persistent, always gets into trouble, and he's a pirate. Why would we like a pirate? Why do we side with the pirates in the movie, rather than the 'good' guys? I'm not entirely sure about that. Jack's appearance is one that will for ever be classic among pirate legends. The dark hair, dreadlocks, red bandanna, the beads, the gold teeth, the eye liner, and the hat. Appearance, character. I haven't figured out yet why Jack is so likable. Maybe because of his mannerisms and the constant humor when he's around. My main character isn't quite like that. She isn't all that funny. Her appearance isn't all that unusual, except maybe for the startlingly blue eyes that communicate many of her emotions, and her character is...well, a bit like mine. I figure that, for now, Dwalyn's character needs to be like mine, so I have a reference. There are certain differences, though. Dwalyn's hair is darker, and curly. Mine is dark enough, but it has a bit of a gold tone in it. A lot of blond. Dwalyn's doesn't. Plus, I have brown eyes, not blue. I am not eighteen, but I think I can still manage her alright. I cannot talk to animals with my mind, and I can't speak their languages either. I have never found a horse in the brume fields, and I have never caressed a marron, or a talking cat either. Dwalyn has done things I haven't, and so she is slightly different. She has two good brothers, one bad, I have three great brothers. (By good and bad, two are on the good side, one on the bad side. The wrong side.) I have both my parents, but Dwalyn has never met hers. I have never even met a minstrel, Dwalyn lives with them, At least for a little while. And I can't play the flute. Jack Sparrow is completely different. Character wise. He isn't a great moral character, in fact, Jack Sparrow does a lot of immoral things. Jack Sparrow was constructed perfectly, but his actual, personal character is less than perfect. Even less perfect than Dwalyn's.
Side characters, I think, are important. Take Ragetti, Pintel, and Mr. Gibbs. They add such spice to the movie! (Actually, another note on Captain Jack: He has a lot of spice himself. That is one thing that is so great about him. He can stand by himself if he has to. He can be funny, by himself. But he is even funnier with the 'extra spice.') Mr. Gibbs is the one that does most of the pirate talk. Ragetti and Pintel are just funny. Ragetti is probably my favorite side character. One eye, and he has a wooden one. He's even handsome! He looks cool with an eye patch. Main characters and side characters are important. In Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a nice lover's triangle, even though there are four sides in the second one. Only three in the first and third. In the first, James Norrington, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann make up the triangle. In the second, I think Jack may step in for awhile. I won't say who steps out in the third movie, because many of you who are reading this may not have seen it. Fantasy and Pirate lore are cleverly intertwined into the movie, each of the characters playing a special part in it. I better go, but hopefully I can add more character thoughts soon. TTFN!
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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