Monday, June 4, 2007

Yo! again.

I just wanted to say a few quick words that tie in with my last entry. More on writing, but this time, I'll put some art in.
Picturing a character completely out of your head is not easy, and there are very few in my book that I don't picture as a real person or character out of another book, even if their personality or name is completely different. As it were, my main character is one of the few that has a look all by herself. I made her up. Period.
My character, Dwalyn, has an average shade of skin, dark, dark brown hair, slightly curly, and blue eyes. Blue eyes. What? No big deal, right? But with Dwalyn, blue eyes was the only choice. Dwalyn started out as a stupid girl, the same age, named Elizabeth. Splendid name, actually stamped on my signature, but I kept imagining Elizabeth as a strawberry blond. This didn't fit her at all. It took me a long time to imagine her as I was describing her. A really long time; I even had to make some adjustments. For instance, I write Dwalyn now as with blue eyes. I used to write her with brown, like me. I expect Dwalyn to have a lot of my personality traits, except she will be a bit braver, prettier, and far more magical than I am. Dwalyn can speak to animals in a way only her kind (Maudi) can. Maudi is a human type creature I made up, out of my own head. It started out with eyes changing color, then moved on to something more practical, and a lot, interesting. I have no trouble picturing Dwalyn now. The characters I base on real people I don't' have too much trouble with either; I have already decided that only a few of these characters will be revealed for their inspirations. But not today; maybe when I am famous and rich, I will. :)
Some writers, I think, draw their characters, thus knowing what they look like. Cornelia Funke does this. I can't. I get vague pictures of what my characters look like. I don't know exactly what Dwalyn's face looks like, only that it is pretty. If their had been no movie, I don't think I would know what Frodo Baggins and Sam look like either. For other people's books, if their isn't a movie, I think I find a substitute in my head somewhere for what that character looks like. One of Cornelia Funke's characters I have imagined many actors as, and a singer too. After seeing so many movies, and reading so many books, I sometimes just pick out a character from another book and picture him or her as somebody else. Take Dustfinger in Inkheart, for instance. I have seen a movie called 'Raise Your Voice,' and I picture Kiwi as a young Dustfinger, who hasn't developed his wolf-like stealthiness yet, or established habits and self-control that a much older Dustfinger in Inkheart has. He looks the part, and if he weren't quite so outspoken and weird in raise your voice, I think he would be a Dustfinger. There is no actress model for Dwalyn. I don't know of anybody that looks like her. I just thought her up. One of my other main characters, however, is based on an actor. The third main character has still got a questionable appearance. I can't decide what he should look like; if I write and think that he has dark hair and green eyes, it doesn't fit the character. If I write and think that he has lighter hair, untidy whiskers, and glasses, then he looks more the part, and his emotions play the part better, but what about his actions? It is kind of hard, to place your character in the right place sometimes. Other characters (like Harry Potter) are easy to picture because of their easy to establish appearance and drawings on the cover. Daniel Radcliffe looks the part, and acts the part, and I think of him as Harry. I think that the glasses and messy hair make Harry easy to picture. Dwalyn, I think, might be harder for someone to draw. At least draw and please me. I will write again soon, maybe even on this subject, because it interests me right now. :) Thanks for visiting, those were my thoughts personally....
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

I just wanted to update this entry...I was just rereading it, and I have a few more thoughts on the subject.
I think that some authors probably can picture their characters very clearly. I can only do that if I have some kind of model for the character. Dwalyn, for instance, has no model, but one night, I thought of an actress that look a little like her, so I attempted to draw her without a picture, and though it doesn't actually look like her, it looks very much like Dwalyn. In fact, I didn't actually know Dwalyn's exact appearence until I drew this picture. I don't really believe in luck....I just got fortunate I guess.
It isn't entirely realistic; anybody who has noticed the drawings on Harry Potter books by Mary Grandpre will know what I mean by 'not entirely realistic.' I have seen some drawings for Lord of the Rings books....I don't like most of them unless Alan Lee did them. I mean of the characters. Once you have seen the movies than you can't get those images out of your mind. Anyway, I saw the movies before I read any of the books. I don't have that problem with the Cornelia Funke books because there aren't any drawings of the characters in it, although now I have seen the actors that will be in the movie. At first I liked the guy they got for Dustfinger, then I kind of liked him, and now I have decided that he will make a good Dustfinger. After seeing him in costume, I think he'll be alright. Maybe even brilliant. ;)
Kidding really. I think he'll be good. Dustfinger is such an original character......he is just too good for anybody to mess up. A lot of rugged blonds and redheads I see now remind me of Dustfinger. Sometimes they aren't rugged at all....Keith Urban for instance reminds me a lot of Dustfinger, even though he doesn't have red hair. He just looks the part. Whoa! I better go.
My thoughts personally on character appearence....
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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