Monday, July 2, 2007

Hello, Readers!

Hello, bloggers!
I don't have a particular subject planned to write about. Maybe a free write...
Can you believe that it is July? It is amazing to me. About a month ago, I was staying at my grandparent's house, since my cousins were there, drawing, watching movies, and sending text messages to my poor friend. I say poor because my cousin was doing the texting; she said something like 'awsome cousin' in one of them. Poor friend.
Day after tomorrow is Independance Day. I better know it as the 4th of July, honestly. Independance Day sounds too historical.
Hmm, what else?
Have you ever walked outside when it is dark, and looked at the full moon? It is really a lot of fun. Here we go. On a nice roll here. Dark reminds me of scared, which reminds me of a conversation a friend and I were having the other day. I pointed out that it was really fun to be scared. In ways, it is. It is always fun to hear a ghost story or read a suspense novel, or watch a thriller. Even if you regret it later.
Which I do a lot. I remember when I first watched the Village, I was scared to death that night. All alone, no lamp on, no light, no fan. I always sleep with a fan. Strange room, strange house. And Those-We-Don't-Speak-Of lurking somewhere in a dark corner. I would hardly breathe, hardly move. My eyes were wide open though. Watching for them. I once heard tell that kids love to be scared. Let me rephrase that: Kids love to be scared together. Being scared by yourself is terrifying. I was just thinking the other day how sometime I ought to just do what I am afraid of. (Like go outside, by myself or with few others around at night.) I would only do this in a safe area, and if somebody knew where I was. I am not as dumb as I look. I tell my friends that all the time. But then, when it gets right down to doing something that is safe, but something you are also afraid of, you are too scared to do it, no matter how brave you are doing the day. If you are with somebody else, in the dark, it isn't as scary. Just some random thoughts. My thoughts personally, on scares.
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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