Sunday, July 15, 2007

A-hem, A-hah, and et cetera

A-hem, A-hah, and et cetera.
It was Tigger that said that, not me. Very original line, if you ask me. For the moment, my mind is a bit blank on what to write, but let me freewrite for a minute; that'll probably get me going.
Well, let's see; I did have a freewrite beginning, but that went blank. No, wait, it came back.
I was just thinking how maybe I won't have anything to say on the blog anymore because I have been using all my writing for my book. All my ideas and thoughts have been trapped in the green journal lately. (Although I have an immense amount of journals, the green journal is where most of my ideas go. The blue floral denim gets stuff like character sketches and book ideas for later stories in the series, and I recently made a notebook for one character. For writers and artists: An artist can never have too many sketchbooks, and a writer can never have too many notebooks or journals. Basically the same thing, although I prefer journals or notebook journals to plain old notebooks unless....never mind. I like both.)
The green journal gets most of my good story ideas and character thoughts (unless it is an official character sheet) and I am about to run out of room in it, so I'll get the joy of picking out another one. I'm sorry. This must be a very boring one, reading about what my writing journals look like. Really. Sorry. I'll try to get more a writer, stuff like this is all so fascinating to me, but nobody has a mind like mine, so they might not see what could be so fascinating about it. Being a little artistic helps....there I go again!!! Okay really this time.

Hmm. A review? Okay yeah.
Movie Review:
A little over a week ago, my parents and I went to see Nancy Drew. I was impressed. I suppose I didn't know what to expect, but I found it very entertaining, and I liked Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew. Also the guy for Ned Nickerson (Max somebody, forgot his last name. something long I think; he was the creeper in the Pacifier.....)
for those who have read the books, the movie isn't really like it. Nancy Drew is far more innocent and sweet in the movie than she is in the books. Nancy is a strong, independent girl in the books, but she isn't quite as 'perfect' as Emma Robert's portrayal of Nancy Drew. Ned Nickerson was definitely not as shy and awkward in the books, but I personally like the shy, awkward, Max Somebody Ned Nickerson better.
Since this Nancy Drew movie is set in modern day, several changes were made; a couple new characters were introduced that I never noticed before. Corky was a lovable, rather fat little 12 year-old that got a minor (maybe it was major) crush on Nancy at the beginning and made friends with her soon after a trick he unsuccessfully tried to play on her. Corky was a good character....I liked him a lot, and I think he added a lot to the movie. He was very funny too; no, no, don't ask me his name either, I don't know who it is. I mean I know who it is, I just know that person's name.......anyway. I think Nancy Drew is a definite must see, especially for teenagers and moms, though I think some dads and maybe even boys would find Corky and Ned enjoyable, as well as the humor. So Dads, take your wives and daughters to was really good. Or Moms, go by yourself or take you daughters. Or Daughters take your moms. OR.....single woman, take yourself. (LOL!!!)
Funny, right?
I give Nancy Drew a 4 1/2 stars out of 5......
so thanks for dropping by, TTFN!!!!
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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