Sunday, September 9, 2007

All I can say is...well, read it

heh heh.
Yo, hello and hullo.
I must be on a roll here. This is good and bad. I have just finished creating a formatted outline capsule for CHAPTER 50!!!!!!!!
Yes, I said fifty. And I have at least 20 more to go! Maybe 30! I am sooooo excited. The outline will be at least mostly completed by next Sunday. Tomorrow morning, my mom and dad and I are going to Cloudcroft NM for a little vacation. We're going to a foreign country. Anything more than 500 miles from Brownfield Texas is foreign country. Except maybe South Bend, Indiana. :) Got family up there. So, we are staying for...1,2,3, (counting on fingers...or in my head) 3 nights. We'll come home Thursday. I have exactly a week of total freedom from school until I have to start a grueling schedule. I am just so excited because my book is going so well......although there are still several rough spots, I just cannot wait to finish it! Hey, it isn't any new Lord of the Rings, but I like it. :) I hope it is at least as good as Eragon...or half as good. :) :( Because, Eragon is a pretty good book. Not as good as Lord of the Rings, but good. Good writer, though the book isn't exactly what you might call classic. Anyway. I cannot express without screaming and laughing in your face how excited I will be when I finish this outline and start writing. That will be nothing compared to what I might do when I actually finish the second draft of the book...maybe I'll jump in the swimming pool, even if it is going to be like, December. Might be cold.

CALM DOWN.....I was just kidding.
see how excited I am! can't even type anything interesting. At least this way you get to see some of my ecstatic personality.....I think that is the word.....anyway I should sign off before I really make a fool of myself!!!!
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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