Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,
Today I am back from vacation, which was fun, sort of relaxing, and a bit uncomfortable. We had a small, one room cabin with a small refrigerator, small microwave, small TV, small closet, and a remote with low batteries. It was fun; but I found that I could concentrate on little else except listening to my Cd's over and over (I don't get a lot of new Cd's because I am inclined to spend my money on books) and perhaps watching TV at night. And having fun during the day. The first day, we went on a long hike that I really wasn't in shape for. Dad had to drag me back to the car. The next day, we went to Ruidoso, where we played Putt-Putt (I won the second round and came in second after we added the points from both) thought about going to a movie (which we didn't because there wasn't anything good playing at the puny movie theater) and spent about an hour or two in Starbucks, where I had a Double Chocolate Chip frappucino and got a little work done on my book. Ruidoso was really a lot of fun; we also went to the horse museum, even though we have been there countless times before. I love to look at the huge horse models, probably about 4 or 5 times real-life size. I wonder if they were that big before the flood?
They also had some beautiful western art, which included an amazing bronze carving of fawn. When I saw it, I thought the ears were a bit big for it, but after seeing some wild deer on a hike yesterday, I really don't think they were. They have very big ears. We saw the same trio of deer three or four times; which was a great experience really. I see wild deer fairly often. My cousin lives in the middle of some woods, and deer come near the house often. Still, I always enjoy a glimpse of them. Yesterday we also drove to the White Sands of New Mexico, which was really great fun. First, we climbed some huge dunes, tried to make a sand castle (we gave up and made a mound, put an ugly face in it, and named it Jabba the Hut) and I even rolled down a few. It made me dizzy, and I was very gritty. I took my shoes off and walked in the sand bare foot. I generally don't wear tennis shoes anyway. Flip-flops or nothing.
We then drove around, looking at all the dunes, the picnic area, (which reminded me of something from a pop-adventure novel) and the I got to do some driving on the roads. That was especially fun. The roads I drove on were made from sand, though it was hard (duh!) and I did some fast reversing while listening to a fast song that revved me up for it. I think my brother Jason might be horrified. :) He was the first person to let me behind the wheel. I ran over some weeds and I think a curb when he was teaching me to drive, and I never did very good with reversing. I enjoyed the whole trip. I really understand why people go crazy in the desert now. It isn't just the heat, it's the light. Sun on white sand is nearly blinding. It's just so bright...and none of us had brought sunglasses. I am glad to be home though. Later this afternoon, I am ready for a long talk with my cousin, and also ready to get some real work done on my book. The outline is coming along well, actually quite well, and these days I am in an exceptionally good mood. I haven't had a lot of time for reading, but I have the rest of today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday to get in a lot of reading and writing, though I think writing especially. Once school starts for me on Monday, I'll have to put my nose back to the grindstone and work on less pleasurable things than the adventures of Dwalyn and her friends. I do have a head cold, with a wretched cough, slightly stuffy nose, and stuffed up ears so my voice is loud and muffled at the same time and everybody else is oddly quiet. I'll be glad just to be rid of the stuffy ears. The cough and the nose I can live with. I think I am getting a bit better. I am now home, so I am in the proper atmosphere to write and get better. I can't hardly write anything worth while except short notes and excerpts away from home. I do much better typing than I do on paper, with a pen. Notes, lore, ideas....most of that goes into my journals. The book and big important projects for it go into the computer. A lot of writers prefer handwriting things to computer, but I just don't do as good. Typing is faster, so I am more inclined to write more and take the time to make it sound better. I'm a fairly fast at typing, so I get a lot done in one day if I work on it a lot.

I have a lot of reading and writing to do this fall. I have a long list of books to read, which include the ones I haven't yet read that I got for my birthday, the ones I have bought and borrowed since, and the ones I plan on buying before Christmas. I intend to write every day during this school year, if I can. After school and chores is done, or in between or something. I want to hit it hard and see how much I can get done by Christmas. I have drafted nearly sixty chapters and over seventy scenes, I think. Outlining process. The book is turning out longer than I thought; I was thinking fifty chapters, but the book as at least another twenty to go. I'm not ashamed though. :)
I'm not the only one.
I wish I could have gotten all this done before, but Tolkien started over a lot on his book to. At least I have the common sense to know it isn't right after one chapter. Tolkien would get like half way through the book. Whoa! I have written a lot. I need to go....lots of reading and writing and talking to do still today. heh heh.
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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