Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Hobbit Poll

I am very excited about this poll. Hobbits all have the same characteristics, but every hobbit in this poll is different. Frodo is perhaps wiser than the others, a bit odd like Bilbo (who I think tends to be odd and a funny, feisty old gentlehobbit) and then there is Sam. Samwise, sweet and loyal, especially to Mr.Frodo. Pippin is foolish and curious. Merry is playful, but a little less inquisitive than Pippin. I remember once I took a Lord of the Rings test to see which character I would be and I was Merry. I think I tend to be more of a literate than Merry though. Enjoy the poll!

October 17

Who is Your Favorite Hobbit?

1. Frodo: 16%
2. Sam: 33 %
3. Merry: 16%
4. Pippin: 33%
5. Bilbo: 16%
6. All of the Above: 16%

Come on hobbit fans! You should have voted more for Frodo and Merry. Bilbo is excusable....but it wouldnt' hurt to vote for him more than once! Maybe I did that one. Hmm. If you have any more thoughts on this poll, leave a comment. It is closed for voting.

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