Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nickel Creek

Dear Readers,
Although my interest lie almost chiefly in the rhetoric and literate world, I find that music and literary objects are sometimes closely related. One of my favorite groups is Nickel Creek. They sing bluegrass/folk/country type stuff. They are completely original, though they sing songs that are not there own. They are refreshing to me; they bring coffee shop bluegrass and fantastic violin music reminiscent of a cheerful adventure story from Tolkien or Lewis. The song I am referring to is The House of Tom Bombadil, which is a well-loved chapter in The Fellowship of the Ring. Their first CD is just nearly better than their second. It has more instrumentals, including a medieval style inspired by Robin Hood. I could listen to Nickel Creek at nearly any time. They help me write, actually. I like to listen to music when I write. It makes writing easier, even less of a chore. (Writing, as a rule, is a joy for me, not a chore. But let's do face it. Sitting a the computer for a whole afternoon, ripping your hair out when you get stuck, and drinking hot chocolate can make you tired. Music helps. :))
Music does affect my mood, and Nickel Creek generally keeps me in a good mood that helps me write, or even just feel good, feel strong. Nickel Creek's first CD is great, and it reminds me of something almost child-like. The second is more grown-up (though not in a bad way) and has a totally different sound. But it too is playful and original. I haven't listened to their third CD, or any of Sean Watkins and Chris Thile's CD's that they recorded by themselves. I think Nickel Creek is a must for any body who cares at all for music__but especially good music.
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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