Monday, September 17, 2007

Outline Finished

Hello, hello, hello.
Friday night I stayed up until 12:30 to finish my 60-page outline, which doubles as the first draft of my book. Now, all I have to do is forget about it for awhile, let some people read it, and start another outline and then write the book. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! I am a little surprised too. I planned on this book being fairly short; not a 700-page book. I planned on less than 60 chapters, like 50 or 55, and instead ended up with 85 chapters and 106 scenes. I am going to edit the outline a little, then let some people read it to see if they have any suggestions on the plot. I plan to have at least part of the book finished by Christmas....I'm considering splitting it into Part One and Part Two. Maybe even a Part Three. If I can get a third or half of the book done by Christmas, I will be happy. Then I can finish it before I have start school again in January. :)
The only thing about writing this book that I am worried about is this; ink and paper. I hope my printer doesn't die. It's harder to revise on the computer, but I think I'll try to get it as perfect as I can, and I might have to make people read it on the computer instead of on paper. I was using Karen S. Wiesner's book First Draft in 30 Days, which did help a lot. There were a lot of steps in the book that I didn't feel were necessary, and I didn't follow, finish, or go all out for most of them. Character Sketches was the first step; which was easy enough but also annoying. Character questionnaires are a boring to me. I like to write a few random paragraphs on the character, so I think I'll do that next time. It did say that when you were done with the outline that you should 'put it on the shelf and forget about for a while. The longer the better.' Not her exact words, but that's what she says to do. I'm trying to decide if I need to start outlining the next book or think of another project to start and then put in a folder. I have the first middle of the second book all taken care of...though it could use a little more crisis. The last half...I'm not sure. The ending is mostly sketched out in my head too, but what of the rest? She says to get my mind off the previous project I just finished. I just wonder if I should do something else instead of the second book in the series; something I am debating about. Guess I'll ask my verbal partner. :)
Although I have a lot of ideas for other books, I haven't got anything concrete hard. I'm thinking about eventually trying new types of fantasy, like something taking place in India or Arabia, or even the Great Depression. I tend to ask myself how a fantasy would do in a certain place or time. only real problem is figuring out what do for the rest of September. My plan is to write about one scene a day at least, and as many as I can on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm just starting back to school today, but I haven't quite gotten my schedule down. But I plan on making writing something I do everyday. I am also debating on whether to do five books or seven for this series. I have seven titles, but the ideas haven't entirely come with them yet. The third one is perhaps my worst idea. The fourth is alright, the fifth I like even better, sixth is alright, and the seventh is good. None of them have me fired up like the second one does. I better go, but more news about the book and my new writing project soon!
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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