Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Plans for the Fall

Hullo, Readers.
Today I woke up early again to start school. I didn't get much done for writing or reading yesterday, as we went to eat with some friends from church. That's alright though, because I did come up with a new story idea. I'm considering taking it easy for the rest of September and doing a little bit of sketching and plotting for other books and then just reading. I've been on a writing strike, and when I do that then reading gets neglected. The story I'm considering doing would be about a character I would base on myself. She would be a spy for another planet (Dad laughed when I told him this, but I'm not a spy from another planet!) with some friends that were also spies for the same planet, and maybe she'll probably be sent to do a near-impossible errand. If she doesn't do it, she'll get eliminated. Something like that anyway. I am only basing her character and appearance on myself. Nothing that happens in the book would be related to my life at all, except maybe her friends. Maybe. I just thought of it last night, but it might be something worth playing with a little bit. I have several other ideas, all sketchy, and I haven't really got anything more that the very basic theme for those. I have considered writing a Civil War Story, but Civil War isn't my favorite at all, and I don't know much about it. I had some fairly good ideas for it though...if not a bit typical. Find out that your best friend's fighting for the North instead of South, vice verse. But anyway. Not a creature worth playing with right now. My basic plan for the rest of September is to work hard at school and do some reading a little writing. I'll hit writing extra hard in October through December. I would like to develop writing habits, but it might be hard and even inconvenient at times. I don't like to be in my room, by myself, to read or write. It just doesn't work very well. For one thing, there is no computer in my room. For another, I need to be in a part of the house where people at least walk by frequently, or where I don't alone, even if I am. Computer is most of though. I can't write near as well in a notebook. I take notes, excerpts and new story ideas, odd facts, names...a bunch of random stuff that you just sketch out with a pen. My actual book, outline, important notes that need eloquence...I need the computer for that. I guess I just like the bouncy way of typing. Anyway, I better sign off for now. Thanks for reading!
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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