Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Time Quintet, Part 2

I have now finished the second book in the time quintet, A Wind in the Door. I think that I must have sounded very negative in my previous post on the time quintet. I enjoyed the wind in the door better than a wrinkle in time, in ways, because it seemed more mysterious, more cozy, and I absolutely loved Proginoskes. It was also a bit of an odd book, too....I tend to think that L'Engle was Christian, but did mention in her books that Charles Wallace was reading Darwin. She also makes a lot of reference to 'billions of years ago' and how humans must have evolved. Maybe it's typical of this sort of science fiction. It is so whimsical and funny; but it is still very serious stuff that these people are getting into. A Wind in the Door has a brilliant idea that nobody else has played with much; cherubims. L'Engle writes about cherubims, and how Charles Wallace and Meg find a cherubim in their garden.This made the book for me. Who has ever thought of writing about cherubims before? Proginoskes is a witching character, and slightly complex. Reading Proginoskes has helped me with some of my characters. I have been thinking more about the horse character, Ebony, lately, and I think he needs a bigger part in the book. Ebony is (or was) the second hardest character to write for me, but I have come in touch with him now. Dwalyn doesn't feel as hard to write anymore either; I have been using a simple technique. Many books on writing say to write letters to your character or from your character's point of view. I finally figured out why this never worked for me the other day: nobody was answering. I got my verbal partner on writing to write letters from her character's point of view to mine. It helps both of us. Oops, back to the book.
I included so many pics of the editions so you could get a feeling for it. The new Digest edition doesn't' capture Proginoskes at all. He isn't even in the cover art. All of the others include him though. The one with a man turning into a crow is the one without Proginoskes. I think that if you read A Wrinkle in Time, you should read A Wind in the Door. I continue to notice Evolution. Charles Darwin type ideas in her books, but she does lean towards Christianity. Read and enjoy.
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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