Friday, September 7, 2007

Vacation, Bliss, All-Day at the Computer

I will have the world know that I am in a very good mood. A very good mood. I have been spending nearly all day, every day at the computer. Why? Because I am a writer and I am writing. I am using a 30-day method, which is going amazingly well. I have drafted about 28 chapters or so, and about 40 scenes. I can't remember the exact amount; but it is going great! No wait, scratch that. The prologue had another 4 or 5 scenes to itself. This is bliss and vacation to me. Here is the only problem: I have about 30 books I need to read and I can't concentrate very well on books if I am writing. I hope to have the whole book plotted out soon, then I'll need to revise it and start writing. I might possibly have the second (final?) draft done by Christmas....which is my goal. I hope to anyway. If I spend my free time writing every day (hopefully again) then I might be able to manage it. And free time on Saturdays....that's my plan. My Characters have just started on their quest, and over the last two days a new character weaseled his way into the story. I wasn't actually planning on it, but he did, and now he is one of the Characters going on the quest. It still has some glitches, obviously, but I'll be able to go over those, or plow through them. Recreate them. I am so excited! I plan on spending most of the afternoon reading and writing. Next week I will be going to Ruidoso, so I will not be blogging regularly. I'll be starting school soon too, but I plan to keep writing through-out our Ruidoso trip and brainstorming. The outline should be roughly finished by next Friday. Well, I should go for now, but thanks for reading. The world must know how excited I am, and why I am in a brilliant mood despite the stuffy nose, ugly cough, and chapped mouth. Bad cold. :(
Anna Elizabeth Hedges

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