Saturday, October 27, 2007


Last week, I watched E.T. for the second time in my life, all the way through. The first time, I was probably eight, nine, maybe even ten, and I didn't like it. I watched it again, and I loved it! It was classic, the plot was put together well, and the last action scene had my heart pumping. I knew it would be OK, but if you still want to watch and find out, then it's a good movie (book). I also thought it was a bit touching. The music reminded me a little of the wonder in Star Wars. Very cool.
I was very impressed; the little boy, Elliott, was fantastic character, well-written and well-played by Henry Thomas. Isn't it awful that the movie has been around since before I was born and I have only just now seen and liked it? E.T. is probably in the top hundred best movies ever made. Probably one of the best remember images is E.T. and Elliott flying on the bicycle in front of the moon.
(See above)
Five stars!!!!!!


dafilesofmoi said...

Did you know Drew Berrymore was the little sister in this??!! This movie is old! Yes i do agree with you, Anna. When I was 8 I saw it and hated it now I think that E.T. is actually planning world domination. =P HA HA HA.

chucklawrence said...

The music reminded you of star wars because John Williams did both and he tends to reuse themes and musical patterns.