Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Polls:

Poll 1: Pick your Favorite Name:
I created this poll for writing purposes. I'll tell you my decision and the reason I put it there when it closes.
Poll 2: Tolkien's Best Character:
Also for writing purposes, as well as curiosity. I can't decide...but I confess I'm tempted to say Gollum/Smeagol, but Gandalf and Pippin....Don't ask me, just vote!


historygeek said...

I am forced to say Gandalf. He seems to me to be the man pulling the strings on the book. He sort of is that all wise being who is just there. Cool post!

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

I also lean towards Gandalf, but I cannot say...there has never been a character as good as Smeagol!
Or Gandalf either.

dafilesofmoi said...

I voted Gollum! I like that guy! even though he is kinda creepy.. =\ But he is funny! =D

Brian G. Hedges said...

Sam, without a doubt!

Brian G. Hedges said...
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Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

How stupid of me to leave out Sam! I guess I thought that Sam wasn't Tolkien's masterpiece; actually I was leaning towards Gandalf or Gollum. 1 vote for Sam!
(Personally I have a VERY hard time picking my favorite character. I'm glad you picked Sam as Tolkien's masterpiece.)

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

hey sorry Brian's post shows up twice. I think I published it more than once...oh here I'll delete one of them.

Abby said...

I also voted for Gandalf.
Although Tolkien did such a good job on Bilbo :)Keep it up dude!!!