Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Update on my Life:

So my life is going well. I am reading a big stack of about fifteen. (I really am serious. Some of them I am just picking and choosing what I read, like Lewis and Tolkien's essays: others I'm reading straight through.) School is going as well as school can go, I suppose. No comment really...what's to report on school? :)
Today we went to the eye doctor and I got contacts! Big whoop! Until I had to take them out. I took me about an hour to get both of them...the left eyes is the hardest. So I join the other myopic Hedges kids in the glorious tradition of contacts. I had to put my nails on my eyeball and grab the slippery contact. Pretty bad, but it was such the relief to get it off! Tomorrow night we are having a belated b-day party for Mom at Andy and Alissa's pad. Chocolate cake and Fried Chicken is on the nephew, Joel and my brother and sister-in-law Jason and Shannon are coming. Yum, fun and scrumpscilescant food! I don't suppose anything else too exciting is happening. My dog got a bath and a hair cut the other day. She was named Autumn for good reason. She looks reddest and best this time of year. Dream dog.
Every night we watch The O'Reilly factor...although he is definitely not my first choice. Kiefer Sutherland was the Pinhead last night....poor Kiefer....even though he deserves it for a DWI.
So nothing else new. Going to my little baby cuz's house in about a week and staying for a few days. That'll be fun! Historygeek organized a New Inklings group on Yahoo! I'll post the site here soon.

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