Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sl-o-o-w Days...but VERY busy!

The last few weeks have been busy and have flown by in a blur. Last week we went to Lubbock twice; I got contacts (I can now put them in and take them out fairly quickly) and last weekend we had a belated B-day party for Mom. The best part was dinner! My two older brothers were there, with my two sisters-in-law and my nephew, Joel. My oldest brother and his family didn't drive all the way from Indiana to Texas for the party. :)
The food was great. Oven-fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and rolls. There were even green beans! And cake. YUM!!!
My dad unfortunately got sick the next day (no, not from the dinner) and my brother, his wife, and my nephew had to leave. We stayed home the next day from church...Dad still didn't feel very good....now it's Tuesday. Yesterday I went over to my friend's grandmother's house and ran and shouted all afternoon. In the sun. I am still very tired and sore. My mouth is dry, nose runny...but it was a blast. We play mostly outside. Actually, I didn't go in at all over the course of just about seven hours, except when we first got there. I didn't come in again until supper time. My feet, ankles, legs and thighs remember it. They are protesting against any movement....but as I have to walk I have to ignore them. :)
Today we are going to Lubbock again. I don't know what we are doing the rest of this week, but I can't wait for Saturday so I can sleep in!
Writing is very slow. I started the actualy writing and went on a reading strike. My writing inspiration went on a trip and forgot to tell me where it was going. So it isn't going very well these days. I hope to get my inspiration back soon, though...and then I can really hit it HARD.
Which I really need to get it back this week.

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