Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Talking Animals: Why or Why not?

This poll is open to all. You can choose more than one answer. Sorry for the grammar mistake on question 2. I really want to read your opinions on this, so read my previous entry on Talking Animals and leave me some comments!

October 30

1. Animals should definately talk in fantasies. Trees too. : 3 votes, 75%
2. Animals should communicate in languages that are not our own. Trees too. 1 vote 25%
3. One thing or another: not too many of either one. 1 vote, 25%
4. Leave the animals out of it! I wanna read the battles. Trees are probably OK. 0%
5. I can't stand talking animals in fantasies! Trees either. 1 vote, 25%
6. Only fantastic beasts and trees should talk: 0%

No comments on this one!


historygeek said...

I have been tryng to contact you but have recieved no reply please email.

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

Historygeek, I have been gone all week ( you already know this ) and have been unable to reach a computer during this time. So sorry that we haven't been able to exchange e-mails.