Tuesday, November 27, 2007


All of us watched Cinderella and Snow White when we were little. Remember how corny those were? Probably not. Enchanted is what the story of what would happen if Snow White and all those other girls showed up in our world....singing, mushy feelings, and incredibly corny performances and all, along with the little woodland animals. Yeah.
this was a hilarious movie. Hilarious.

We laughed and chuckled all through it, and the actors were brilliant.

How else can I describe it? It was funny, full of hilarious scenes, not-so-bad life lessons, and unlike the oh-so-popular Shrek movies, this one was clean and funny; a great take on modern fairy-tales.
And that's exactly what it was; a fairy-tale, unlike Tolkien and Lewis's glorious epics and sci-fi novels, fantasies and fancies, this is just like Disney's first movies, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, especially.
It reminded me of good old fashion princess stories, although I remember I never wished to be one, very much. (If I was Daddy's princess, then I was good.)

It begins with animation, and it has clips of animation sequences things all through it. Whenever the wicked stepmother makes an appearance, it is always animated, expect towards the end, where she appears in the real world. After twenty minutes of animation, we finally get to the good part...New York City.

Divorce Lawyer decides to help out Gizelle, whom was sent there by the step mother, "a place where there are no happily ever afters," and over the course of...two days, about, he goes from thinking of her as an annoyance to a wonderful person. This was a great movie, especially for today's modern spin, and I enjoyed the taste of Snow White again. It's been a long time since I've watched Snow White, which is sad.
four stars!
Go watch it.

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