Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

I just thought I would post now, as I'll be very busy for the rest of this week. Life update:
I got a haircut today, my eyes still haven't adjusted to contacts, I'm going to finish the Fellowship of the Ring very soon (two chapters away!) I have no money to speak of, and oh yeah...I'm getting a new laptop and desktop. I already have the laptop and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I have been wanting a laptop for the longest time! I can write my book on vacation now, I can work in the LIVING ROOM on the COUCH!!!!!!!!! So exciting. The laptop isn't configured yet but I was promised by my brother that he would help me tomorrow night.
Writing is...ok, no real writer's block, but I'm in between kicks right now. Writing is something I do for enjoyment, and reading is something I do for enjoyment, and both are very important to me, and I am on a reading kick right now. Which is a light one, seeing as how I am too busy to worry about those things these days. I will happily have my family here for the rest of the week, starting tomorrow evening, and I just put up our tree. It doesn't have ornaments on it yet, just lights, and that is the worst part. So how now brown cow.
Today I picked up a Shel Silverstein book of poetry, and I think he is another Dr. Seuss that should be read to one's children. I was also delighted to find that it was the very same book that Mo read to Meggie in Inkheart, and a little orange bird came out of it. I found some of the same verses which Cornelia Funke fooled me into thinking were hers...how tricksy.
I hope that my reading will pick up some during the week...read some in Future Grace (I don't read in it as often as I should, sadly. I wish I did, but I don't, and it's my own fault. :) ) Finish the Fellowship, start Two Towers, finish Perelandra (no I haven't finished that yet, cause I got started on the Fellowship!) read in Leven Thumps 2 (Yes I will write a book review on that one.) I still hope to do my 25 days of Christmas blogging spree, which will be movies, books, stories galore...I hope. We'll see. I'll try to blog regularly in December perhaps until the 20th, as that is when I think the family will begin arriving. Anyway, Good night and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

YOu got a laptop??!! and you didn't tell me!!! =O