Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life

This is also a great Christmas movie; it's one that we watch at least once every year around Christmas time, and sometimes before that! For anybody who likes Jimmy Stewart, Christmas, and good spiritual movies, than this is a good one. It starts out with a replay of George Bailey's Life; saves his little brother from drowning under the ice, stops some bad capsules from being delivered, and then goes to his brother's graduation dance. One of my favorite scenes is right after the graduation dance when George and Mary...somebody Mary go out for a walk (this picture is from that scene) and start talking about random things, like the moon.
"That's not a bad idea! I'll give you the moon Mary," says George.
"I'll take it!" Mary answers.....
And so on. The movie is basically about what George Bailey does in his life, until at last he gets so fed up with it that he wishes that he hadn't been born. Better be careful what you wish for George....the angel Clarence grants his wish, and George finds out what it would have been like had he never been born. I won't tell you all of it, so you can watch it, even though you have probably already seen it.
Christmas doesn't actually come in until the end, but somehow it still has that warm feeling of Christmas, even some mystery and the spooky black and white music when George finds himself in the Twilight Zone from never being born. It's a good movie with a good ending, with a beautiful prayer when George pleads to have his life back. This is definatlely a must-watch Christmas movie.

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