Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nickel Creek Concert...WHOA!!!!!!

Yesterday, I drove to Austin with Andy and Alissa, and we stood up for about 6 hours and got the greatest spot at the Nickel Creek concert. IT WAS SO COOL!!!! I had the greatest time. When we got to Stubb's BBQ at 3:00, we had a late lunch and actually saw Chris Thile walking around with a hoodie on, a cell phone glued to his ear, and ordering BBQ take-out. It was so cool. I had a GREAT time, and I like Nickel Creek more than ever now, and I would kind of like to try some of Thile and Watson's solo CD's.
Watching them last night, I understand all three better, and I get their personalities better too. Thile looks like he's the most abstract, fun sort of guy. He loved the attention of the crowd, and he did whatever he could to get it, it seemed. He was the showiest of all three. Sara Watson didn't joke as much, and she wasn't as showy. She's a fantastic violin player. I think she must have enjoyed the crowd, even though she didn't show it as much. Sean looked like he would rather be somewhere else the whole time, but he is a fantastic guitar player. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. Buy any one of their CD's, because each one is different and fantastic.
The lighting, sound, and sight was fantastic from where I was standing. We were in the very front, and we had something to lean on while we watched.
The came back out twice after they left, but I think they only intended to come out once. They also pulled a girl from the crowd that they knew to play a few songs with them. It was cool; they played some bluegrass and "Where the Soul of Man Never Dies," and the first time they came back out they played some more of their own songs and a Brittney Spears song, which I think was called 'Tox on Toxic' which was funny.
I wanna say they played that one first and as soon as they came back out the first time.
In any case, I had a blast, and I would go see them again. It was so much fun! The guy that opened for them was..good. He was weird, and I can't spell his last name, so you might just check out their website. Here's a link: Nickel Creek
Enjoy the site, and check out a CD!

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