Sunday, November 4, 2007

Out of the Silent Planet

Today I finished Out of the Silent Planet. WOW. This was a GREAT book. The narrative itself was full of poetry and beautiful descriptions. Lewis was especially clever in describing the Malacandrian landscape, and upon reading the postscript at the end I realized how much thought had gone into the writing of this book. It also revealed to me a tiny seed of wisdom that was almost obvious in our world, but I had never guessed, even though the very thought actually is something incredibly close to me. For now, I will keep that to myself, but I'm sure that if my book EVER GETS PUBLISHED some of those ideas will be seen in it, because I really understand that better than I ever have, and I have good reasons for making it such a huge part of my story.
I think my favorite part was actually the postscript just because I understood the book so much better (and my own, life itself even) after reading it.
Lewis fans MUST READ THIS. Five stars.


chucklawrence said...

You probably haven't met me but I a member of your brothers church in Michigan. I see you do a lot of science fiction/fantasy writing and I was wondering if you had read The Northern Lights or The Golden Compass along with any other in that trilogy. If you have what you thought of it.

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

No, I don't think I have met you, but I read lots of your comments on Brian's blog. Yes, my book is science fiction/fantasy. I haven't decided if it will be a trilogy or seven-part series. (I wanna say that is is a heptology when its seven-part :) )
I haven't read any of Philip Pullman's stuff...I was told he was anti-Christain, and I haven't cared about reading his stuff since. Have you read them if? I'm curious what your thoughts are on it, if you have.
PS Thanks for reading! I figured that whoever it was (John Williams) that had composed Star Wars had composed E.T. :D