Monday, November 12, 2007

Well, December needs to get here faster....

The Christmas spirit seems to have already entered the house...or at least, it did for a bit earlier. Mom and I decided to wrap some presents that we already had...and actually, now that I think of it, we have done better this year than any other year before. Nearly all of our shopping is done now, except for mine (I mean ME shopping for OTHER PEOPLE) and we still have to get the kiddos some stuff. :)
That's really good...sometimes we aren't done till the day we actually open the presents!
I also thought I would let everybody know that since December is basically Christmas month, you can expect Christmas lyrics, Christmas Movies, Christmas books, Christmas Poetry, Christmas Scripture, and my own Christmas writing posted in December, perhaps every day. No promises; if I promise, I won't do it!
so anyway, my plan is to have about...let's say ten or twelve movies, and in between I'll put book reviews, poetry, quotes, lyrics, and maybe even snippets of Christmas writing projects...(a.k.a., Christmas at Dwalyn Kitt's house!)
And, I find that I can do short Christmas stories, sometimes, even though they aren't very good, but I might tell you about some of them. So, it's nearly Thanksgiving, and next weekend, no this weekend, I'm going to a Nickel Creek concert with Andy and Alissa. FUN!!!!! It's in Austin, so it'll be a lot of too, if you're older brother has an ipod and you have a ton of books to read...:D
So anyway, that's just a quick 'blog' update, and the blog plan for December. That'll be a lot of writing for me, because that'll be all my other writing projects, super Christmas blogging, and my book. That's why I'm going to be super busy during this time of year...ok let me lay it out.
Give the House a deep clean for company
Write in my book
Blog everyday (:D no promises!)
Other Writing projects
Read all the books I'm working on BEFORE CHRISTMAS DAY...ok maybe not...
probably a bunch of other stuff will pile themselves on, so, if I don't do the blog thing, which I plan on it, then don't stop reading! I might kind of go along with ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas movie thing starting on December 1st.
I gotta go, and I don't know when I'll blog again. I'll try to a few more times this week, but I'm going out of town on Wednesday, and I won't be able to blog...probably until next Sunday night or Monday, as Friday night or Saturday morning I'll be in Lubbock and then in Austin. Busy week! Tomorrow we might be going to Lubbock to shop and then to a skating party in Plainview, but we haven't decided.

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