Monday, November 12, 2007

Writing and Me

For the time-being, I am perfectly sane and I am able to take care of my writing now. All I really had to do was sit down and read over some of what I had written, and then I was re-writing some scenes, and that helps. I'm also kind of in touch with Dwalyn, my main character, which is good, because that means I know her enough to start sketching out more scenes. I've tried at keeping a notebook of her, but I haven't done very well yet. Writing exactly what she would is very hard, nearly impossible at the moment, but I suppose I"ll learn. I don't know how many writers keep whole notebooks all for one character; I have been told that Lewis and Tolkien didn't. I think Tolkien wrote one page! But of course, Lewis and Tolkien were much better than me. Anyway...I'll have more goodies for my kids to publish when I'm dead than Tolkien and Lewis. :)
So Writing is OK, at least for now, and writer's block is, for the time-being gone, although I am still in a sticky spot.

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