Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well, Christmas is going as well as it can with nearly everybody sick. Andy came down with a stomach bug, so I don't know if he and Alissa will be able to stay the night and open presents in the morning, even though Andy says, "I won't feel bad enough to not open presents."

I feel better, even though it seems like I have bouts where all I feel like doing is laying or sitting down. Last night we had two adventures, one of which I slept through. The doorbell rang, and Jason and Brian answered it to find a policemen there, asking about a light that was on in Brian's car, who thought that somebody might be trying to break into it. Early this morning I was awake, (just barely so that I was in the twilight zone of my brain. Maybe in body too. Kind of crazy, but anyway...I heard this knocking, and it was going on for a long time. I think I must have vaguely thought something like, "Hmm. Somebody is knocking on the door." I'm not joking. I was hot and sweaty though ( I think I also thought that maybe one of the kids was doing it ) and then I woke up enough to realize that somebody really was knocking on the door, and it might be a weirdo who had bad intentions. I was still half asleep though. Pretty soon after I came to these conclusions, the phone rang. I got up and answered, and Dad said, "Anna, we got locked out last night, can you let us in?"
Mom and Dad have been staying in the Apartment in our backyard since we have a whole lot of company and not enough room for them in the house, and last night, they were somehow locked out. Actually that was early this morning, when it was still dark out. I let them in, and they explained it all to me. It was pretty weird and...well, one of those alien experiences. I gotta go, but Merry Christmas!

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