Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Update

All of my family are now here, and I am having a blast. There is one drawback...I lost my voice completely. I have a sore throat with mucas all over the place and larengitis. I sound like I'm wheezing and whispering all the time, kind of like Minnie Mouse.
However, we're all very excited about Christmas. There is a TON of presents under the tree (meaning probably sixty or more) and I am dying to find out what they are. Mom and Dad didn't tell me what my big presents were going to be this year, and I didn't get to pick them, so there are at least three that are a mystery to me. One of them is a box, and I think the other one is a book. I don't know what's in the box. Jason and Shannon brought a bunch of presents, and later I"m going to snoop so I can find mine and figure out what's under the paper! All the presents but one have come in; Nanah (my grandmother) was getting three books and only two have come in, so she might have one of them late. Jason's present cut it VERY close by coming in two days ago.

Okay. Check-in like, twelve hours later for all I know. I feel worse about my throat now, and I'm staying home from church tomorrow. Tomorrow, with or without church, will still be busy, as some friends are coming over in the afternoon and I'll be sleeping late and showering and stuff in the morning. At least, I hope I can sleep late. Rest, be lazy, recuperate my immune system, which, with all of these adorable but sick kiddos, has crashed. Better my immune system than the computer, I suppose. Immune systems can be built back up easier than computers.

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