Friday, December 14, 2007

Christopher Paolini: Philip Pullman

A few months ago I was told that Pullman was an atheist and that his books were dangerous. Even though I knew this, I never thought about it. Pullman and Paolini have talked, and in friendly tones. There is a link on Paolini's site to the trio talk show or whatever it was. There's a link to the site under the poll, under Writing sites.
I've also found out that Paolini's elves are atheists and vegans, unlike Tolkien's, despite the fact that Tolkien was one of his influences. I just wanted to tell the world about this. I still like Paolini's books, and I'll enjoy watching him to see what happens with future books. I'll probably at least finish reading the Inheritance Cycle to see what happens. After that, I'll have to see where he goes. Is this going to be a young Philip Pullman or just an atheist that isn't set on 'killing God'?
Lewis started out as an atheist. Maybe there is hope for Paolini.

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