Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Creature called a Story

Dear Reader,
this blog post is to inform you of something I have just figured out, even though it has been building up for months. It may be scatterbrained and it may ramble on a bit, but in any case I hope that you'll be able to understand what I am saying.
I have been keeping a writer's notebook that consists of more than names for a very long time now....or at least it seems like a long time. Since earlier this year; probably...oh never mind. In my writer's notebook, you will find Story Ideas, Character Sketches, Names, Creature Ideas, and a whole lot more which I won't get into right now. I finished my first notebook a few months ago, and I have been keeping another one, which seemed to get crammed full with Story Ideas, even worse than the other one. I keep notes on all of my book ideas there, and a lot more. Friends have scribbled in it, little words of wisdom. I think one of the quotes was actually mine, even though a friend put his name on it. :)
In my new writer's notebook, all those new story ideas were much better and much easier to think about than the others, in the fact that they got my creativity engine revved up. Begging to be put into drive....but of course I didn't, I only wrote some notes on it. I used to think that every good idea I had had to be put in the Dwalyn stories. If it was possible to make them fit than I had to put them there. Zebras, horses, dogs, talking cats! I tried to make it all fit. It took me several months to realize that....those ideas will fit somewhere else. That's probably one of the reasons the story isn't going smoothly. I'm cramming in too much; too many characters which don't even belong in the story. Twilight, a nymph, can't possibly fit, because she is a water nymph in a world which begs for Norse dominance. She just doesn't fit. You can't have both nymphs and elves. Not like that.
I have several new story ideas formulating in my head now; one is a fantasy, the other a beast-fable. One is a fantasy which I think will take to minstrels and nymphs more kindly. The other...I haven't figured it out yet. I only have two definite characters, and both are already wonderful! I can't wait to get more ideas for it. But now that I have three stories to provide ideas for, the Dwalyn books are going to go through yet another drastic change. I let Harry Potter get to me too much. There was too much funkiness in it; I won't tell you all about it now, but I'm sure that some of this will appear in future stories. I'm completely redoing nearly everything I ever created for the Dwalyn books. Too much in it wasn't consistent. Minstrels and elves! Talking cats and great horses, marrons and water nymphs. I was cramming in too much, and I just realized that. I'm not going to say that next year the book will be finished by this time, but I can certainly hope! I'm going to do a lot of studying around and right after Christmas. I have some cash, and I think I'm going to buy some good books. I'm going to study Norse and work on notes for my own mythology, get to know my characters, and the plot, and I think those other two stories need the same. I'm also co-writing a book with my cousin next year, and we've just barely started, and I might be co-writing another book, and there is yet another project possibility. Stories are wonderful creatures, aren't they?
So that's the writing game plan, which I hope will stay like it is for a while. This, of course means that my outline is probably nearly useless, and I'll have to do it all over again, but I'm not using the thirty day method this time. I might try that for another book, or re-design it to fit my own books. You can expect updates on the Dwalyn books, but for now, the other two are going to stay under lock and key.
PS I don't know when I'll post again, but there will be a few more Christmas posts, and expect a special for Christmas day. I don't know when I'll do it, but I plan on it!

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