Friday, December 7, 2007


This film is absolutely funny and absolutely Christmas. I never tire of watching it, and watch it all year. Buddy is a wonderful character, full of love and compassion for good things, like Christmas and the Christmas Spirit. He also loves Santa Clause. In the beginning of the film, Buddy is told that not everybody believes in Santa Clause. When he inquires, he is told, "Well, there's a rumor going around that the parents do it." "That's...that's ridiculous! Parents couldn't do all that in one night...and what about the cookies? I suppose the parents eat those too?!" There's plenty more humor where that came from.

I'm sure we've all seen ELF. Who hasn't? Buddy is oblivious to his being human, and as such, he doesn't understand why he doesn't fit in at the North Pole, where he was raised. When he goes to New York City to find his biological father, we see just how naive Buddy is, and how funny that makes it. He's purely innocent; and appalled when he finds out that his father is on the naughty list.

However, the movie doesn't ever say why we even have Christmas, what the real meaning of Christmas is, even though it puts great emphasis on the Christmas Spirit, which is, according to the movie what Christmas is really about.
The movie has a few corny moments at the beginning...badly animated North Pole creatures and a snowman, which just adds to the movie. It also has good music in it, that is both light-hearted, and at some points, almost Homeric and Christmasy at the same time; much like the Polar Express Movie. It's a really funny, clean movie about Christmas and family. It should be watched every year with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, eggnog, or hot chocolate. :D

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