Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nephews are the Coolest Thing in the World, Nieces are the Coolest Thing in the World

I have, as of now, four nephews and two nieces. Stephen, the oldest, which is Brian and Holly's little boy, and Joel, whom is the second oldest, Jason and Shannon's little boy, and then Matthew, who is Brian and Holly's, and his little sister Susanna. Jason and Shannon are adopting a little girl named Hannah, and they are also adopting a little boy, who has not been named yet. They'll get both Hannah and my new nephew next year... we are all very excited!
Tonight Joel chased me all around the house; around and around and around we went, and by the end I felt like I was next to a furnace, and I was very sweaty. I've cooled off now. :)
It was a lot of fun, and Joel finally said, "Come here, sit down." I gladly excepted! I was very tired, and I still am, although the night is far from over. When we have company, I take advantage of that and splurge (stay up late, drink hot chocolate) although I don't know how long I'll last tonight.

Christmas is almost here! Just twenty-five days....and if I know anything those will fly by faster than I'll be able to count. Brian and Holly will be here for Christmas this year, along with all the kids, and Jason and Shannon and Joel and Koda. Very exciting! I'm thrilled that my whole family will be here. I'll get to spend lots of time with my nephews and niece, and all of my brothers and sisters-in-law. I can still remember when I met all of them...sort of. I barely remember meeting Holly, kind of remember meeting Shannon, and I remember meeting Alissa pretty well. I'm really looking forward to some of my Christmas presents too...Tolkien and Lewis! Dad won't tell me what else I'm getting...only that it isn't an ipod and "It's not on your list." arrghh! Kind of frustrating, but he won't give. I'll probably be posting soon; since I've already posted three Christmas posts then I won't kill myself to get one together tonight, even though I don't actually do an__oops, better not tell you my writing secrets! lol.

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