Friday, December 7, 2007

The Shop Around the Corner

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with my Christmas blogging! The other night we watched The Shop Around the Corner, which is like an old version of You've Got Mail.

Like You've Got Mail, this isn't strictly a Christmas movie, although it takes place around Christmas time. I'm not very good at reviewing these movies that speak for themselves. This is definitely one of my favorite James Stewart movies though! Although this probably isn't his best movie, it is one of his best (I think his near best would It's A Wonderful Life!) and this movie is associated with Christmas, just like It's A Wonderful Life is. It's another good old Black and White. I had forgotten how well both James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan acted in this film. A reviewer said of it that the meeting in the cafe was perhaps the best in American film, and for people who look, this movie is full of hidden moments with hidden meaning and mystery. A GREAT Christmas movie! A must watch.

BTW, the 1949 remake is a must NOT watch, with Judy Garland. It was AWFUL. We watched about fifteen minutes, then watched something else. If you want to watch a remake, watch You've Got Mail.

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