Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wonderful Christmas, Although today is kind of a bummer

We had a wonderful Christmas! Everybody got a ton of presents, and we started opening at about 8:30 yesterday morning. The kids were finished in about thirty minutes, but the adults must have taken an hour.
I got a lot of really great books, so you can expect some book reviews soon! I also got a new watch, the complete recordings of the Fellowship of the Ring, (every single not you hear in the extended edition is on three discs, with a bonus DVD for something I haven't watched yet.) and a set of dark chocolate bars with weird flavors, like Dark Chocolate with Green Tea and Dark Chocolate with Orange and Lemon flavor. Andy and Alissa got me an ipod nano, of which I was absolutely excited and crazy about! All of my music is already on it.

I ordered two CD's yesterday too, so I would have some new for listening to. Alissa got a duplicate CD so I bought it from her and put that on my ipod. I still need to listen to it. I ordered a Bob Dylan CD and The Village soundtrack yesterday, because I want both and the more music I can get on my ipod, the better.
All of the music I know have on it equals about 1 or 2 gigs, so I don't know how many more I can fit on there. I may have to get rid of the songs I don't listen to very much eventually, and make room for more music on it. It should hold a thousand to two thousand songs, so it is very exciting.

Over the holidays I also discovered a new book store called the Book Inn, which is a cozy, neato place with cheap and sometimes rare books. I came across a 1978 edition of The Two Towers for $5. I also saw a really nice hardback of Ben-Hur which may have been a copy from the the mid-1900's or so that was twenty-five.

So overall it was a great Christmas, but right now I feel kind of sad because everybody has left. We never get to see them, and it was maybe one of the hardest things ever to see them go. I don't think people really know the meaning of the word sad until they experience it. Jason and Shannon are moving in with us for a couple of weeks though, so that should be a nice pick-me-up. Also, some friends are coming to spend the afternoon with me, and that will be fun, because they are good at cheering up.

Merry Christmas!
As for the Christmas posts, there will probably still be one or two of those.

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