Friday, January 18, 2008

Der Berggeist

I have just been reading in J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter and I just found the most delightful piece of information concerning Gandalf. According to the book, Gandalf was inspired first by a painting on a postcard by a German artist. I googled the painting and found it...the picture on the left. This is what Gandalf must have first looked like in Tolkien's mind! I find this fascinating, but I am a zealot of Tolkien and what fascinated him. And it's funny.....I no longer feel guilty about seeing a picture and being inspired by it for something to write about. Some call it copying, but it is really using your inspiration to create something new and/or similar, except your own. I am sure there have been instances that I have done the same thing. A new character in my book is largely inspired by a dream I had not to long ago, and is loosely based on one of my friends. Before all of my friends get excited (JK) the friend is Autumn, a Golden Retriever that lives in our backyard. :)

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