Saturday, January 19, 2008

Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want

I have just finished the third Leven Thumps book. (I'll save the best stuff for last!)

I'm sure I mentioned this in the other book reviews on Leven Thumps, but I'll say it again. If there is supposed to be a god or higher power in Leven Thumps, it is obviously Fate. It's almost a religion. In all of the books, fate is greatly emphasized. Geth encourages nearly everybody in the book that he meets to trust fate to take care of the problem. Fate is what guides and/or decides everything. It's kind of like trusting luck. There is also a small amount of rude humor, and the Want is almost like a god or a wizard, although I don't know if really counts as criticism. It seems like even the Want's actions affect what happens in Foo. That's really fact, not criticism.

Over this book, I really got to like Geth. At first, when he had just been changed back into a man, I didn't know if I liked the idea of him or not, but I have definitely decided that he is a favorite character now. He definitely tops Winter. Plus, it is always fun to read about Foo itself, because it is full of surprises. It almost like Skye thought up weird and fantastic things, wrote them down, and just stuck them into the book in places where he got bored. It feels like there are thousands more things about Foo to find out, and Skye is just revealing the ones that concern the story.
This one may have been a little slower than the second book, because Leven is with the Want for most of the book. The rest is taken up with Geth, Winter, Sycophants, Sabine, Tim, Dennis, and Ezra. I can't tell you about all of them, since that would take the next hour.
Even though the story was a little slow, it makes up for it with a killer ending that is ridiculously good and surprising. He was planning on it, I know, but it is so good because I never suspected it at all. At all. I know a good trick to the trade now!
Plus, I could really see Geth's loving nature. The solution to Geth being so pessimistic and loving, though, is that half of his soul is missing....his half of anger, malice, hatred, jealousy....virtually every thing unpleasant and sinful was cut out of him. Of course, that much is definitely fantasy. The bad in us will not be cut out until we die, even though I'm not saying that Geth has never sinned, even though I haven't noticed him doing any such of a thing. You'll have to decide that for yourself. However, that doesn't mean that Geth isn't a good character. Clover is my favorite character first, then Geth, then Leven.
I can't decide if this a three or four star book, so I'll let you decide. But, if you read the first two and enjoyed them, I think that it's worth it to go on to the third!


Anonymous said...

You say that you live in Tx, but in your profile it says Afghanistan. I agree with your review.

Anna said...

That's because I haven't bothered to correct my profile and set it....thanks for reading!