Monday, January 28, 2008

The Two Towers

I just finished reading The Two Towers for the second time. I think I enjoyed it more than last time, and just like the Fellowship, I got a 'Tolkien spurt' a few weeks ago and started reading in it as much as possible. In other words it was my target novel; the one I read in the most.
I have decided that I enjoyed the first half more than the second. I find reading Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli more enjoyable than Frodo and Sam; and Merry and Pippin too. I've just always liked them. Merry and Pippin are definitely my favorite hobbit characters!
I always enjoy reading about horses, too, and since some of this book took place in Rohan, I got to read a lot about Rohan horses and Shadowfax, Gandalf's horse. I don't know which chapter I enjoyed the most....perhaps the chapter Treebeard, or one around that. Or the White Rider. I enjoy reading the tree lore and Gandalf's tale in those chapters. I've also been reading a Tolkien Biography, and I really understand him and the books more than I did, and I also (to my thrills) noticed similarities between as writers...even quirks! I took him forever to write The Lord of the Rings (which he considered one book) and he kept on saying he would finish it soon, and then find that there was something else to add. (I know my friends have heard me say I would finish it soon lots of times!) It's just really interesting to read about his experience and his life, and how hard it was for him to write The Lord of the Rings. It's fascinating to me, and I know a lot more about him than I did before. This added to the reading of The Two Towers, I think, because as I was reading I would think things like, "I wonder if this is one of the parts he got stuck on?" and things like that, because it was towards the end of the Two Towers that he started to write it slower and get stuck more often. Too, his comments on how it was going, like on Faramir. "A new character has entered the story; I'm sure I didn't want him, but I like him at any rate."

Not an exact quote I'm afraid. I loved reading the Two Towers again. I don't know which book is my favorite of the Lord of the Rings, or which segment, if you like. Again, I had more fun reading it than the last time, and there were always little things I picked up on that I hadn't noticed or remembered before. It was truly a joy to read over....and now for the big test.....reading The Return of the King!
The tan cover is the oldest copy I have. I found it at a used book store. The other is the closest thing I could find to Tolkien's original design.


John L. said...

Yeah I know a guy who has read the series 7 times! They are neat.

Anna said...

Just neat?
I'm sorry. These are my favorite books, and I can't stop at neat.
seven times! that's a lot. I'm sure that I'll have read it more by the time I die though.

Mikaela said...

Wowzers. 7 times!!!! =O I've probably read them like.. once.. =] well except The Hobbit i've read that several times.

John L. said...

Anna, you might not press your luck on my useage of words. I might use a smaller word like hmmm... I know Suficent! Yes Suficent. JK

Anna said...

okay, I get the point. If you were talking about the word verification on your blog, I was joking. Smeagol was only joking!
I still can't stop at neat. :) But don't clutter my blog. We can continue the 'neat' discussion in my inbox. :)