Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Warriors: Forest of Secrets

I just finished the third Warriors book. This series is by far the greatest thing in modern children's literature that I have read since The Inkheart books and Harry Potter. Leven Thumps is nothing compared to these. This is treachery, forbidden love, broken friendships, murder, lies and trials in the form of cats. This is an epic of felines. This is amazing.
The other night, I read the prologue and first chapter. Yesterday I read fourteen chapters, putting me halfway through the book. Tonight, I finished it. I kept on thinking I would go to bed at such and such time, and I ended up staying up until 11:30 (right now) to finish it and right this review! They require more attention to read than Leven Thumps do, and they have smooth running narrative with complex characters. When I read the first book, I didn't really enjoy it a whole lot. When I read the second book I took it all back. I take it back a hundred times over now. I told myself that I could wait for Warriors 4, but no can do now! I can't wait to go and get it. I loathe the thought of the series ending!

The story line for this one is more about Fireheart finding truth and making the other Clan cats believe it. Its about saving lives and being loyal to the right cats and the right Clans. Its about doing what is right. Fireheart is grown up in this story, and Greystripe is as well. The authors throw in amazing plot twists. I nearly cried at the end. I rarely do that in books. This is saying something. I felt tears coming and a weird sadness that stories rarely provoke from me. I remember seeing a blurb on the back cover about it, saying that you would see cats differently. I thought that was stupid at first, but I understand now! Cats have a new respect in my eyes that they did not have before, even though I have always liked cats. It isn't as if cats really have these adventures, but you do look at them differently.
The characters fill me with loathing and sympathy. And it is so different from the fantasy stories of Harry Potter and Inkheart.....this is about cats. This is about animals. This is a beast fable.
I couldn't stop reading tonight. I literally couldn't stop. I was captivated, enchanted, bewitched.
With books like The Lord of the Rings and Perelandra, you can sit back and leisurely enjoy the story, because it takes time to make yourself think. Since this is modern and written for children, it is easy to read and it has such an engaging plot that I felt it was a wonderful read. Thick enough, and I felt like it was advanced enough that it used more than an eighth of my brain to read it. I don't guess that fans of cats will like this much. That's a pity, because I think that you're missing out on a great story!
Then again, even if you don't like cats, the story and the characters are still so well written!


John L. said...

Thats prety high praise from you anna!

Anna said...

don't misunderstand me...I'm not trying to belittle any of the Tolkien and Lewis books. This is so different...but honestly. If you want to read these, you are wasting your time with Leven Thumps! Here's the difference: With Leven Thumps, I read them gradually and I don't mind waiting to finish it. I can easily put it down and I'm always glad to finish. With these, I cannot put them down and I finish them within three days.