Monday, January 7, 2008

Warriors: Into the Wild

I've been gradually reading through this book for a few months now, and I confess, I was impressed. When I think about writing an animal story I think, "What can I write? How do I capture animals' thoughts in human form? What do Animals DO?"
Into the Wild is a good book for kids, and adults alike, but for cautionary reasons, I wouldn't give it to a kid just learning to read and just learning about the world. Why? Well...let's just say that these cats do lots of star talking, which isn't always a bad thing, but it has this sort of Lion King taste to it.
"The kings of our past are in the stars..."
Kind of like the cats are talking to dead Clan Leaders through the glowing Moonstone and the StarClan (in other words, dead warriors and cats of the clan that now live among the stars.)
However, for mature readers interested in cats and their secret lives, it was fine. I liked it well enough to pursue reading the series, and anyway I'm always looking for good pop fiction, even though I don't like to call it that. That's what it is, but I think it's easier for children's books that are pop fiction to be considered literature than adult pop books. It's a delicate balance. Literature depends a lot on tastes; some people would say the LOTR isn't literature, even though it obviously is. The whole naming cycle in the book is kind of weird, like apprentices being called Blank paw, such as Firepaw, Greypaw, Ravenpaw.....and then they are called something different once they become a warrior, and again something different if they ever become clan leader, making them Bluestar, Lionstar, Firestar......
such is the lore of the Warrior clans.

Warriors isn't written by Erin Hunter, it is written by Cherith Baldry, Kate Gary and Victoria Holmes.
They used the pen name Erin Hunter to avoid confusion among their readers. I liked this book. I'm going to read more. But a lot of my readers won't be interested in reading this, because it didn't grab me. It's considered fantasy, it was a good book. wasn't good enough to recommend everybody read it. Those of you who like cats and are interested in reading children's literature...go ahead! But I can only give the book three stars. Any higher would be against my better judgment.

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