Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

I went to see The Water Horse this week with some friends, and I thought it was a good movie. The acting was good, and the CGI was amazing! Crusoe looked you really could reach out and touch him.

The story revolves around a barnacle-covered egg and what's inside and a little boy named Angus.
When the egg hatches, Angus names the Water Horse Crusoe after Robinson Crusoe and then decides to keep it. They have lots of adventures together, trying to keep Crusoe a secret, and later trying to keep him safe. Angus' fear of water is later cured by Crusoe, who takes him on a ride under in the Loch.

I think it was a good movie, and worth seeing. Oddly, this movie didn't influence me or my writing one way or another at all. I really enjoyed seeing it and everything, but I haven't been thinking about it, and that's really weird, since nearly every move I go see I start thinking about it later, and I get new ideas for my story nearly every time, or have to quit writing for awhile.
So, this movie really didn't grab me, so I don't know how to rate it. Still, I enjoyed it a lot, so I think those of you who like fantasy and some comedy and adventure for a PG-rating would probably enjoy it.


John L. said...

Yeah the movie was prety dern authentic I thought. Music was prety good to.

Anna said...

The music didn't grab me, but they may be because I've only heard it once. I'll have to see the movie again to form an opinion on the music I guess, even though I really like the composer! He did the music for most of M. Night Shyamalan's movies and also for Peter Pan, which has an awesome soundtrack!