Thursday, February 7, 2008

American Idol, Jordin Spark's Tattoo

Very very fast thoughts on music and American Idol this year.

I actually haven't had a lot of time to watch it yet this year, because we go to Lubbock a lot during the week these days. What I have seen has been very funny, and Simon is as....well he's still Simon.

I have also been listening to Jordin Spark's single, called Tattoo (most of you will recall that she was Idol's season six winner.) I'm thinking about buying her CD. I think that she is popular on Radio Disney, which surprised me a little. Blake Lewis also makes an appearance in her Tattoo music video.
I'm looking forward most to the Idol stage, which is the most interesting, although I missed Hollywood Week last year. Hopefully I'll see it next week though.
Carrie Underwood also has another album out now...called Carnival Ride. I don't have any Idol albums, although I would like to get Carrie's and Jordin Spark's.

To see Jordin Spark's Tattoo video, click on the link below.



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