Monday, February 4, 2008

Book Update

I'm not going to tell you a whole lot.

I'll just tell you that I have started over three times since Christmas, and that I have decided to take a vacation for at least a month and work on something else. I don't know what is is yet....I may even just write some junk for my eyes only! My plan is to try following some different outline steps and confining the new Dwalyn novel to twenty chapters and then ending the first book. I may also make it a trilogy, but I think that (quite possibly at least) the majority will be five books. That's the plan anyway.....

But you won't hear anymore. I'm probably going to stop giving updates on it for awhile, because I keep changing my mind. I've already changed my mind about seven times since yesterday about what I'm going to do with it and for how long! So that's probably enough. Goodbye!


John L. said...

Well you forgot to mention your brain problems that you had for a few days. (I mean putting your charicor in NY)
But luckaly for the rest of the world you changed your mind.
PS you coppied the movie Enchanted didn't you?

PSS "no one has new ideas, we are all just copiers in diffrent forms" CS Lewis

Anna said...

hey dude.

one of my NY ideas was inspired by Enchanted, yes, but this one wasn't. This one was spun out of desperation to get Dwalyn out of my version of Middle-Earth. My inspiration is beginning to come back, but sadly for you, I"m not going to use that draft you liked so well. :(

I agree with C.S. Lewis.