Monday, February 11, 2008


You know, when I was little and I read as many books of the Pony Pals and Saddle Club and The Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew....I never realized that a lot were written by ghostwriters, something I didn't know the meaning of until today. In fact, most of those books that had more than forty in the series were written by ghostwriters. Pony Pals wasn't, actually, but the other ones I mentioned were.
It is obvious that some of those books can be good, like Nancy Drew. I was hurt to find that I had been reading books without meaning though. I guess it's like listening to Country Music....I mean, a songwriting team puts it together, but this is a lot worse, in my opinion. I'm glad I grew out of most of those, even Nancy Drews are still entertaining every now and then. I do owe the fact that I am a writer to those books....reading is what made me want to write.

I'm glad that Warriors are not written by ghostwriters. Collaborating and giving each writer credit isn't ghostwriting. So beware the series that go on forever! Especially from the Saddle Club/Babysitter Club time period....Animal Ark is written by more than one author as well. It's disappointing that those were written to sell. That isn't why you write. You write because you are a writer, because you MUST write or you will go crazy from not writing. Not to make money. That isn't what it is about. Nancy Drew are still enjoyable, but I'm still some disappointed. I knew that not all of the books were written by Carolyn Keene (duh....there were supposed to be fifty books and all of a sudden there are fifty-six.) Actually a lot of the Nancy Drews were written by the same guy (yes it was a man that actually wrote them) so it is more forgivable than the others. It makes me mad that I spent all of those hours reading Scholastic books that were written with no meaning at all. Does that even make it a book if it was written like that?
I can't get past it because of Nancy Drew though.
But now.....well, let's just say Saddle Clubs are still entertaining enough, I guess....I spent a lot of hours reading them! Interesting enough. But I'll never call them Literature. Are they even worthy of the title Book?

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Brandon Sims said...

I never realized that there were that many that were gost writers. Weird I used to love those books, I don't know why.