Sunday, February 17, 2008

Notes from the Upperground: Tolkien and Lewis

I noted that I have a lot more to say about Lewis than Tolkien on all of these books and posts that I've been doing. I just thought I would do a quick Upperground post on it.

Lewis is definitely easier to read that Tolkien. He was not very thorough, at least compared to Tolkien. Lewis had a big, booming voice (that actually inspired Treebeard's voice), and he did not take care of what clothes he put on. They were usually rumpled. He sent manuscripts off without looking them over very carefully. Tolkien would rewrite before he sent them off...and after reading the biography I think it took a long time! Tolkien was the one that attended to details, and his books are longer. Lewis is easier to read, and he focuses on a smaller picture than Tolkien. Tolkien is harder to read, and seems to focus on a larger picture by covering more characters. Maybe I'm not ready to have the kind of thoughts I have on Lewis on Tolkien. Tolkien may be too much for me still...especially since it is a big undertaking to read the works of Tolkien!

Perhaps later this year or next year (more like the next time I read the trilogy) I will do what I have done with Till We Have Faces. Or what I am doing. I'm not saying that Tolkien is better than Lewis...just that both have different talents for writing, and from what I can see, Lewis is easier to deal with. Hmm. Anyway, more Upperground notes on this later...but after thinking it over, I think that I'm not ready for intense stuff on Tolkien (not that any of that stuff on Faces is intense.) I'm not mature enough in my mind to tackle Tolkien yet.
That's what I was trying to say this whole post, and now I've said it. :)

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