Monday, February 18, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Tonight we went to see The Spiderwick Chronicles....and I was very impressed. Freddie Highmore plays Jerrod and Simon Grace, two twins, each with very different attitudes. Jerrod is the main character, the ring leader, and the one with issues. Simon is the quiet one, the pacifist, the one that talks to animals. He is very sarcastic. Mallory is the older sister....ruthlessly sarcastic and bossy. Typical teenager. And then there is Mom....stressed out mom, who always means well, but is about to lose it. Literally. Mallory is played by Sarah Bolger and Mary-Louise Parker plays Mom/Helen Grace.

These are the four main characters (main human characters) of The Spiderwick Chronicles, a movie which I have been waiting for for months.

I was a little disappointed in the CGI for the Griffin, which looks a little unrealistic compared to Harry Potter, and also disappointed that a Phooka didn't appear. But other than that, the movie was great. My dad liked it as well as Monsters Inc., and that really is saying something!
Freddie Highmore is a great actor. The characters were played so well....I think my favorite part was actually when Simon is captured by Goblins, because he deals with it just like a real person would. Not to well. In other words, he doesn't deal with it. He can't. He can't see anything, and he doesn't understand. Jerrod is the stronger of the two, but he never makes any smart remarks or anything about how his brother took it. Don't ask me why that was my favorite part......

In fact, there were a lot of great family lessons to be learned. Don't miss your family, whether there are sprites under your nose or not, for one; and another, Jerrod realizes that some of the things he has said to his mom are wrong and hurtful, and he meekly asks for everything to be okay between them again.

This is a real family with real problems, and they deal with the faeries like real people would if there were such things. I think that might be why I liked it so was so real the way the actors portrayed their characters. It has been compared to Jumanji, but it lacks the underlining humor, and it has much better CGI. I also just like it better as a movie. The whole concept is more believable. Something that Focus on the Family pointed out was that the way they fight these goblins is not by charms and's with tomato sauce and salt. The music, when I paid it attention, was the same casual sort of excitement that was found in Night at the Museum's soundtrack. The style was very similar. I am also eager to finish reading the books. I wanted to before I saw the movie, but they are all expensive and I didn't have time to read them in the store. My library doesn't have them.

This movie was definitely worth watching. The acting was spectacular, and the CGI was worthy of the story. Not as many of the 'nice' faeries as in the books, but they can't put in everything. In comparison to Leven Thumps and Harry Potter, Spiderwick is a lot more toned down in color. It is a more natural and earthy fantasy, and closer to the classic picture: a huge and spooky old house with all kinds of secrets. Who doesn't love that? Spiderwick takes it one step further. What are those secrets? The movie and book will answer all those questions. Spiderwick is, in popularity, probably about the same as A Series of Unfortunate Events, which most of us now know and love. My brothers took me to see it, and I own it...FUNNY stuff mon! (Coincidentally, both are Nickelodeon Movies.)

I also like this better than Bridge to Terabithia, which was another movie involving kids and fantasy and CGI and good acting. This, however, is a comedy (at least if you go by Aristotle's standards...I think it was him that came up with the concept of tragedy and comedy.) It has a happy ending, while Bridge to Terabithia has a sad ending. I think I like the actors better in Spiderwick than Terabithia, for one thing, and I related to Simon and Jerrod better than Leslie and Jesse. So there you are. Great movie! Enjoyable to the whole family....(really. my dad liked it!)


Bebo said...


Sounds Great I didn't think that you had anticipated it that much. (just from what I've heard from you about it.) Mikeala is Maaad that you went to see it without her. lol

c u later

Anna said...

oh well now you know. Freddie Highmore is one of my favorite young actors, and I liked the books, what I had read of them. Sorry that you are mad Mikaela...but you live in eight hours away at least. or ten.

J Scott Savage said...

I definitely need to take my family to see it. But good to know that it's worth it. By the time you pay for six people, with popcorn, soda, etc, it stinks if the movie isn't good.

Anna said...

I enjoyed the movie a whole lot. I definitely think it was worth it! I looked at your profile and blog, and I think that it is wonderful that you are writing a book. Wish I was where you are.

J Scott Savage said...

And I wish I'd started when I was your age. JA Konrath has a good line. There's a word for a writer who doesn't give up . . . published. FYI, Shadow Mountain just signed a contract for a novel with a 15 year old girl. So it is definitely doable if that's your goal.

Anna said...

That's encouraging!