Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update on Commentary and Thoughts:

I just wanted to let everybody know ( I had to share some excitement about this) that I will continue my 'commentary' on Till We Have Faces tomorrow, hopefully. I was going to do it tonight, but then I thought I would dig around in my C.S. Lewis letters a little bit before I did, and I realized as I began leafing through the pages looking for names concerning the work that there was actually a lot that I could glean from it. I have not (I say this a little shame-facedly) hardly touched my C.S. Lewis letters since I got them. Having so many books to read is very overwhelming, especially since the littler Warriors phenomenon hit to distract me from reading better works. However, there is a nice long drive to church tomorrow, so perhaps a Letter Volume and Till We Have Faces will occupy me until we get there. You will have to be patient with me on this whole commentary thing...I have never read Till We Have Faces before and I think I (and everybody else) would get more from it if I had read it all the way through already, but I think that this time I'll go on with what I am doing. But we'll see....I may change my mind! I am very excited about the letters, because I stumbled upon several concerning characters and title notes and things like that.

At the thought of an overwhelming (and growing) pile of books to start, read and finish, does anybody have any tips on reading schedules/goals? In January I made a sheet and designated days to get to finish or get to a certain point in a book, or read such and such chapters...but that was a little overwhelming, especially when I didn't meet daily goals and thus had to juggle them around to get it done. With school and my bad nocturnal habits of TV time, there isn't a whole lot of time for reading. The TV is a distraction, admittedly...I should really probably try to wean myself from it and start building brain cells instead of killing them. But any tips on reading schedules and goals and what works for anybody in particular would be welcome. I would like to develop some good reading habits....I'm already very much behind this month. I think it was the Warrior's fault, and I'm behind on a theology book. :(
It is too bad that there is not more time in a day. In a year even. It scares me to think that a month and a half of this year are already gone, and that I haven't fifteen whole books yet. Maybe ten books a month is too much......but now I'm blabbing, and I need to start winding down. Long day tomorrow. :)


Alissa said...

here's my thoughts on the matter: kick the TV :) think about how much time you're spending watching TV and that's how much time you could spend reading instead. or limit it. decide you're only going to watch one show a night max, and then quit, go in another room, and read.

sorry, that's nothing brilliant!!!

Anna said...

Well, brilliant or not, it is true. I watch WAY too much TV...and it's hard to stop. and I probably would get a lot more done if I didn't watch as much as I do.