Saturday, February 9, 2008

Warriors: The Darkest Hour

I have just finished the last book in the first Warriors Saga.
It was by far the darkest of all that I have read so far....last night there were times when my heart was beating wildly, and I was even a little spooked when I went to bed!

Firestar is now leader of ThunderClan. He now has nine lives, and he must make important decisions regarding the whole clan. An evil threat has arose, darker even than the blood-thirsty dogs from A Dangerous Path.

Plus, a new Clan has risen....BloodClan, a clan which was there all the time, but one that has one fatal weakness. Scourge, a small black cat which leads BloodClan, is more than he seems when he kills Firestar's most dreaded enemy....and then becomes that enemy himself.

Treachery, wrong, alliance, rivalry, and the threat of winter are only a few of the challenges that Firestar has to face.
StarClan is more prominent in this book than any of the others, as Firestar visits and 'shares tongues' with them himself when he receives his nine lives. That in itself is an intriguing prospect, as well all know the over-used legend that cats have nine lives. The way he receives those nine lives is also very interesting and creative. The plots and characters are, again, very well written, but I will say that the writing itself, or the 'voice' is not very poetic. I have decided that this is one of the three best modern children's books I have read. Harry Potter, The Inkheart Trilogy and Warriors. Harry Potter and Warriors are not written very poetically....certainly no comparison to Tolkien or Lewis's Perelandra. The Inkheart Trilogy is probably more strengthened in Plot and the Voice of the author, although the characters are good too. Each of these books have their strengths and weaknesses in writing. I'm excited that I have a new series to flock after. Feels like the old days when I was still reading Pony Pals! Harry Potter is finished now, and there is only one more book in the Inkheart Trilogy, but I have several trilogies, super editions, manga books, and at least two more cycles and some field guides to read in Warriors!

Obviously I decided not to do the running commentary on this book, and I"m glad I didn't!

I'll probably about two or three posts on Till We Have Faces in the next few weeks and I may do the same for The Silmarillion.

Five stars for the Darkest Hour!
I think I'll wait awhile before I read anymore Warrior books, just so I don't get tired of them and so I can make some progress on Tolkien and Lewis and even Dekker.....and the ever formidable classics!
I am looking forward to reading and owning Firestar's Quest, which is the next book I should read for chronological reasons. After I finish the classics I am reading right now, I expect that I shall start Treasure Island and Ben-Hur...and I plan to keep up a Tolkien and Lewis book for each month, or every two-three months, depending. I ditched the reading schedule for this month, because I don't want to burn myself out and I was tired of it. I know how that works and I think I'll go on with my usual happy medium, with some guidelines!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Now i know i should read that book. I just finished the 5th one so i cant read darkest hour until i get back to school and check it out at the school library. It sounds cool. I wanna read about the BloodClan