Thursday, February 7, 2008

Warriors: Rising Storm

I just finished Rising! Ever since Fire and Ice, I have been shocked and delighted at how good these are. Maybe it's a personal obsession, but either way, I intend to collect every single one of these, including the Manga series. Greystripe is the star of those. Fireheart is deputy of Thunderclan. Fireheart is an adult cat, now dealing with harder and more awkward situations than before. This time, he has to cover up the leader's weakness and be strong for the other cats. A disobedient apprentice with a shocking secret, the death of close friends, the deathly threat of a rogue cat, and the possible treachery and definite spite of members of his own clan are just a few challenges that Fireheart has to face, and almost alone, because his best friend has left the clan.

There were times when I felt like I was breathing in smoke along with the cats as they traveled through a burning forest, and there were classic introductions to old characters, now close friends to those who have read from the beginning of the series.
I did some researching on the series earlier, and to my thrill there are a lot more books coming out.

Of course, everything I said about StarClan before stays. But then again, similar things (seers, near worship of the stars, prophecies) all appear in books like The Lord of the Rings. For that reason, I think it is better for mature readers.

Also in this chronicle of Thunderclan's adventures, a surprising (I don't know if I like it or not really....but I guess it will be alright) are the beginnings of a chemistry between two unlikely cats. I won't say who so you can be surprised if you read it! A worthy successor to Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm is full of surprises and continuous pratfalls for Fireheart and Cloudpaw, Sandstorm and Bluestar. If you do decide to read these, DO NOT check out plot lines before reading later books. You'll ruin some surprises. Good ones. One of the rules of writing is to make everything that could possibly go wrong for you character go wrong. The authors are masters at this. The plots are so complex....and the books are very serious. These are real-life problems that Fireheart deals with, despite the fact that he is a cat, but that is why we like animal stories. We are supposed to relate to them.

Behind the complex plots are the territorial behaviors found in most childhood games and in cats as well...even in real life. Spying, trespassing, and battles are all factors important to the Warrior life. Five stars for the fourth chronicle in the Warriors saga!
Note on Labels: For Epics and Sagas both, the label will be Epics.

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