Friday, February 8, 2008

You Know....

You never fails to throw me surprises. Everyday, even if I don't notice them. It always amazes me when I realize that I'm such a miracle....I mean the fact that I'm a living breathing person and that I've lived this long. My hand in itself is a miracle. Even the bushes outside our house are miracles!

There have been times when I have wondered vaguely about all of this cloning business....I mean, if man can make another animal out of some other animal's genes, then what does that say about the creation? I dumbly forgot that even if they can do stuff like that (and I'm not saying that they can), they still can't create a real live creature out of NOTHING. Only God can do that, and that's a kind of comfort, isn't it? Even if somebody says that they have made another horse, it isn't the same because it's worked over with science. God doesn't need science. He invented it, and He understands so many things that we don't. Since He created everything that science is about, He knows so much more than scientists do. He knows about every single species of insect, and He knows all about the life of each insect in that species. We don't even know how many different species of insects there are. Isn't it cool that He knows us better than we know ourselves? I feel like sometimes He changes my heart with everyday things, things that you wouldn't think would, but it still happens.

I'm just really glad that He has EVERYTHING under control and he KNOWS a WHOLE LOT more than I do, because I don't know as much as I think I do.
He is so awesome, don't you think?

I just felt like sharing that with you.

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