Friday, March 21, 2008

August Rush

Yet another Freddie Highmore Movie!
Yesterday we ordered a PPV movie on our Dishnet (I'm excited because I'm the one that figured out how to order it) and watched it. It was August Rush, a movie I had wanted to see for a long time, and when I did, I was deeply impressed.

Highmore plays Evan Taylor, a young boy at an orphanage. He loves music, and he can hear it everywhere, in grass, in wind chimes, in high line wires, in wind.
He claims that he can hear his parents through the music, and one night he leaves the Home to find them. He meets Arthur, a wise-cracking street kid that plays guitar. Attracted to the music, Evan follows Arthur back to his home, an old theater that houses a bunch of young kids, all of them musicians. They are 'cared' for by Wizard, a tough and aggressive busker that sees the kids as investments. Evan stays for the night, not warmly welcomed by anyone, and gains access to a guitar. He starts playing with it, and when Wizard sees his talent gives him the guitar and teaches him everything he knows, and gives him the stage name and alias August Rush.

Evan is threatened and treated harshly several times by Wizard (played by Robin Williams. Not a very likable character for once!), and when they get separated, August stumbles into a church that is having choir practice. He then meets Hope, a sweet little girl with a beautiful voice. He starts staying at the church and learns some piano. Hope realizes that Evan is a child prodigy and tells Reverend Jay about it. Evan goes to a music school, and writes his own rhapsody. An orchestra is interested in playing it, and in August directing it, but Wizard finds him and drags him back with him.
The movie ends with Evan conducting the orchestra in his rhapsody and finding his parents (there has been a side plot with both of them throughout the whole movie.)

For my part, I thought it was a great movie about modern minstrels and for me it was inspiring. The music was beautiful (can't wait to get the soundtrack) and the characters were wonderful, even though the plot could have been better, admittedly. This movie is on my favorites list, for several reasons. Freddie Highmore is an amazing actor, and I really liked August Rush. It's about music and family and hope. Rent it, buy it, watch it on PPV. I thought it was great.

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